Olet täällä

Lisää poplistoja v

[listat 69–88; ks. painolehdestä listat 1–19 ja numeron verkkoekstroista loput]


  1. Ookla the Mok, “Stranger in the Mirror” (2005) (no existential bullshit from Camus or Billy Joel)
  2. Brian McKnight, “On the Floor” (1995) (was it Socrates who said/ good to the last drop, lady)
  3. Jack Johnson, “Inaudible Melodies” (2001) (well, Plato’s cave is full of freaks)
  4. Sting, “Until” (2001) (if I was smart as Aristotle/ and understood the rings around the moon/ what would it all matter if you loved me)
  5. 2Pac, “Tradin War Stories” (1996) (motherfucking Tupac a.k.a. Makaveli)
  6. Bob Dylan, “As I Went out One Morning” (1967) (to breathe the air around Tom Paine’s)
  7. Duran Duran, “Last Chance on the Stairway” (1982) (funny it’s just like a scene out of Voltaire twisting out of sight)
  8. Crash Test Dummies, “Afternoons & Coffeespoons” (1993) (times when the day is like a play by Sartre)
  9. Freak Kitchen, “A Regular Guy” (1998) (remember when you were Gene Simmons/ I pretended I was Voltaire/ […] dig Quentin Tarantino films or maybe wear a tie/ instead I read Nietzsche and get a philosophic high/ please, let me be a regular guy)
  10. Barbra Streisand, “Isn’t It a Pity?” (1999) (my nights were sour/ spent with Schopenhauer)


  1. Boy George, “Augustine” (2002) 
  2. Scritti Politti, “Jacques Derrida” (1982)
  3. The Limeliters, “Harry Pollitt” (1996) (one of Lenin’s lads
  4. Blackalicious, “Clockwork” (1999) (Socrates self is thoughtless/ […] I’m an ancient Zen master philosophic though
  5. Seconds to Mars, “Occam’s Razor” (2002)
  6. Camille, “Vous” (2005) (c’est la faute de Voltaire/ ma dit ce cocu de cocker)
  7. Darren Hayes, “The Great Big Disconnect” (2007) (you had Jesus with the palest skin/ you had Lenin but you wasted him)
  8. Thrice, “So Strange I Remember You” (2002) (knee deep in Nietzsche’s lies)
  9. Dexys Midnight Runners, “There, There, My Dear” (1980) (keep quoting Cabaret, Berlin, Burroughs, J. G. Ballard,/ Duchamp, Beauvoir, Kerouac, Kierkegaard, Michael Rennie)
  10. Joshua Radin, “These Photographs” (2006) (you’re Simone de Beauvoir/ as you get out of the car)


  1. Kristin Hersh, “Houdini Blues” (1994) (I fell to the bottom of Thales’ well)
  2. Wheatus, “The London Sun” (2006) (Socrates ain’t got nothin on me when it comes to thinking)
  3. (Hed) PE, “Serpent Boy” (1997) (my logic, tight like Plato)
  4. (Hed) PE, “Darky” (1997) (I desire knowledge by nature/ word to Aristotle)
  5. Poe, ”A Rose Is a Rose” (1996) (when she refused Lenin)
  6. LL Cool J, “After School” (2002) (girl named Kelly, rhinestones in her belly/ curly red hair, crackin jokes in the telly/ game concealed, a female Machiavelli/ hopin and prayin that I ain’t ready for the jelly)
  7. Echo & The Bunnymen, “Ripeness” (1983) (I’ve discovered my Nietzsche)
  8. Malcolm McLaren, “Paris, Paris” (1994) (une Simone de Beauvoir et deux singes en hiver)
  9. Heinz Rudolf Kunze, ”Das Ultimatum” (1982) (dann greift er sich Immanuel Kant)
  10. Shakira, “No creo” (1998) (no creo en Carlos Marx/ no creo en Jean-Paul Sartre)


  1. Wu-Tang Clan, “Triumph” (1997) (I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies/ and hypotheses can’t define how I be droppin these mockeries/ lyrically perform armed robbery)
  2. 311, “Livin’ & Rockin’” (1999) (Aristotle I’m not but think of Socrates/ so are you ready for your lesson blood/ democratic non erratic Socratic method)
  3. Guerilla Black, “Compton” (2004) (call me Plato, I philosophy)
  4. Rancid, “Start Now” (2003) (Machiavelli owns a machine gun now)
  5. Something Corporate, “Ben Franklin’s Kite” (2000) (I’m so high, so high/ like Ben Franklin’s kite)
  6. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, “Renegades of Funk” (1983) (like chief Sitting Bull, Tom Paine/ dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X)
  7. Goo Goo Dolls, “Em Elbmuh” (1989) (stop practicing Dr. Marx and John Lennon)
  8. Cassidy, “So Long” (2005) (all of that Lenin shit at time at time I’m just observing your menin)
  9. Of Montreal, “The Miniature Philosopher” (1999) (there is no time for Nietzsche or Camus/ he’s a miniature philosopher/ he writes essays on Voltaire/ but if he died no one would care)
  10. Van Morrison, “Meaning of Loneliness” (2003) (well, there’s Sartre and Camus, Nietzsche and Hesse/ if you dig deep enough, you’re gonna end up in distress)


  1. Band of Horses, “St. Augustine” (2006)
  2. Bob Dylan, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” (1967)
  3. Sting, “St. Augustine in Hell” (1993)
  4. Dizzee Rascal, “Live O” (2003) (Dizzee come old school like Aristotle)
  5. Gavin Friday, “Caruso” (1995) (Leonardo! Marlon Brando! Machiavelli!/ and Bertolt’s Belly!)
  6. Everlast, “Never Missin’ a Beat” (1990) (reading my good book or maybe some philosophy/ like Socrates and Plato)
  7. Skyclad, “The Antibody Politic” (2000) (if there’s anyone else out there/ aiming sawn-off philosophy/ […] rise like Socrates and fight)
  8. Esham, “Amen Another Sin” (1989) (and I brought death to the image of Lenin)
  9. Les Négresses Vertes, ”Les rablablas, les roubliblis” (1988) (le jeune Albert et sa grande-mère/ ont lu Voltaire)
  10. Duncan Sheik, “Time and Good Fortune” (2001) (taster of the poetry/ of Pater, Proust and Socrates)


  1. Bloodhound Gang, “Take the Long Way Home” (1999) (did you ever read Voltaire’s Candide)
  2. MC Lars, “The Roommate from Hell” (2006) (he likes holding down Christians and reading Jean-Paul Sartre)
  3. Asia, “Little Rich Boy” (1992) (don’t read Marx/ he’s a clean cut guy)
  4. dada, “Information Undertow” (1997) (she reads Aristotle/ says she’s a model)
  5. SHeDAISY, “Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (2000) (he’s reading Socrates and cooking French cuisine)
  6. Stephen Bishop, ”I’ll Sleep on the Plane” (2003) (she was late to the party/ couldn’t find a thing to wear/ she looks just like Sharon Stone/ posing for Playboy/ while she reads Voltaire)
  7. Bros, “When Will I Be Famous” (1987) (you’ve read Karl Marx/ and you’ve taught yourself to dance)
  8. Wall of Voodoo, “Room With a View” (1985) (and I read Camus)
  9. Suede, ”Cheap” (2002) (you never read de Beauvoir)
  10. Tori Amos, “Rattlesnakes” (2001) (she reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance)


  1. Buck, “Cautious” (1999) (picked up my Nietzsche radio, turn it up/ and here we go again)
  2. Billy Idol, “World Comin’ Down” (2005) (from promises to preachers/ and nothing is Nietzsche/ and I can’t stand the church)
  3. Ookla the Mok, “Theme from Super Skrull” (1998) (he’s as geechy as Nietzsche and that’s no bull)
  4. Army of Lovers, “Also sprach Alexander” (1993) (the heretic Friedrich Nietzsche)
  5. MC Lars, “Mr. Raven” (2004) (satanic raven, Nietzsche glee/ killing me softly like the Fugees)
  6. Manic Street Preachers, ”1985” (2004) (so God is dead like Nietzsche said)
  7. Michael W. Smith, “Angels Unaware” (1995) (God is dead like Nietzsche said)
  8. Evol, “The Present Age” (that is our age, godless as Nietzsche said)
  9. Tub Ring, “God Hates Astronauts” (2001) (what Nietzsche said is far from true/ because I’m far about still watching you)
  10. The Anywheres, “End of the 6” (2006) (but this volume of Nietzsche is killing me/ if God is dead, well then, there’s something left for me)


  1. Serge Gainsbourg, “Chatterton” (1967) (Chatterton suicidé/ Hannibal suicidé/ Démosthène suicidé/ Nietzsche fou a lier/ quant à moi, quant à moi/ ca ne va plus très bien)
  2. Spooks, “The Mission” (2000) (when I’m hurtin’ it, the verbal philosophy resembles Socrates)
  3. Immortal Technique, “The Prophecy” (2001) (discovering atrocities worse than Aristotle)
  4. Katja Ebstein, “Die Hälfte seines Lebens” (1975) (Goethe und Schiller und Nietzsche und Wagner und Shakespeare/ belagern die Bar)
  5. Crass, “Bloody Revolutions” (1980) (you romanticize your heroes/ quote from Marx and Mao)
  6. Cypress Hill, “Lick a Shot” (1993) (this pine box/ ain’t strong enough to contain the afro Marx)
  7. Tragically Hip, ”Problem Bears” (2002) (well, you’re a sober and green-eyed Voltaire)
  8. Franco Battiato, “Tramonto occidentale” (1983) (Friedrich Nietzsche era vegetarian)
  9. Manic Street Preachers, “Revol” (1994) (Mr. Lenin, awaken by the boy/ Mr. Stalin, bisexual epoch)
  10. Ben Lee, ”Open Letter to the Prime Minister” (1998) (as far as I’m concerned/ Kant is a German philosopher)


  1. Lou Reed, “Dime Store Mystery” (1989) (I know this feeling, I know it from before/ Descartes through Hegel/ belief is never sure)
  2. Marcy Playground, “Deadly Handsome Man” (2004) (everything I said, like Socrates)
  3. Jedi Mind Tricks, “Saviorself” (2004) (spit it like Aristotle)
  4. Demimonde, “Les Sans Culottes” (2002) (c’est demibon comme Simone et Sartre/ [...] je connais bien les gigolos et courtisanes/ ces desmoiselles qui parlent de Descartes/ mais sont de Des Moines)
  5. Lux Occulta, “Most Arrogant Life Form” (2001) (the poor old monkey Darwin was wrong/ there was evolution at all/ just the case history/ the syphilitic clown Nietzsche was wrong/ there is no Übermensch at all/ all I’ve heard of were Überworms)
  6. Five Iron Frenzy, “My Evil Plan to Save the World” (1998) (I’d make Voltaire proud/ deep and furrow browed)
  7. Scritti Politti, “Boom! There She Was” (1988) (I got a reason girl was Immanuel Kant’s and I like it)
  8. Kevin Johansen, “Cumbiera intelectual” (2002) (Se puso a hablar de Jung, de Freud y Lacan [...] Jung, Freud, Simone de Beauvoir [...] y todo sobre el existencialismo alemán)
  9. Beautiful South, “Oh Blackpool” (2006) (I wasn’t sure if it was Marx or Hitler/ that was in this year/ I hadn’t been to Brighton for a while/ so it wasn’t too clear)
  10. Thrice, “Digital Sea” (2008) (and the ghost of Descartes screams again in the dark)


  1. Solefald, “Philosophical Revolt” (1997) (Confucius, Lao Tse, Socrates, Plato, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre & Beauvoir)
  2. Divine Comedy, ”The Booklovers” (1994) (Wollstonecraft […]Tolstoy […] Sartre […] Beauvoir […] Camus […])
  3. Laibach, “WAT” (2003) (from Marx and back to Plato)
  4. A Tribe Called Quest, “Start It Up” (1998) (Aristotle, Plato, Freud)
  5. Million Dead, “Reformulating the Challenge to Archism” (2002) (whether you choose to date it/ from Lao-tse and Diogenes,/ or the heresy of the spirit, or a man named Winstanley,/ or Pierre-Joseph and Mikhail in the  nineteenth century/, there has always been a link between the negative and the free)
  6. Gino Vannelli, “Fallen in Love” (1995) (pondered zen and Zoroaster and the life ever after/ Blavatsky, Marx, Molière/ found Jesus and Siddharta in a bar in Djakarta/ chatting where the air is quite rare/ let Solomon keep his philosopher’s stone)
  7. Paul Kantner, “Flowers of the Night” (1973) (Paine and Pierce and Robespierre, Juarez and Danton,/ Luther, King and Lumumba dead but far from gone/ Lenin, Cleaver, Jesus too, outlaws in their nations,/ revolutionaries all, dreamed of liberation)
  8. KRS-One, “5 Boroughs” (1998) (teach him to respect Greek mythology/ Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Socrates)
  9. Gogol Bordello, “Start Wearing Purple” (1999) (so yeah, I know it all from Diogenes to Foucault)
  10. Tankard, “The Meaning of Life” (1990) (not a clue from Marx to Socrates)


  1. Toyah, “Prostitute” (1988) (now don’t quote Karl Marx to me)
  2. John Wesley Harding, “The King Is Dead Boring” (1996) (and now he’s quoting Nietzsche)
  3. Crass, “Yes Sir, I Will” (1983) (smiling and  socializing/ endless philosophizing/ […] quotes from Mao or Stalin, Hitler of Marx/ simply confirms the oppression)
  4. Pierre Perret, “Lily” (1977) (elle croyait qu’on était égaux/ Lily/ au pays d’Voltaire et d’Hugo/ Lily)
  5. Thrice, “To Awake and Avenge the Dead” (2002) (I saw you killing Aristotle)
  6. Joanna Newsom, “This Side of the Blue” (2004) (see him fashion a cap from a page of Camus)
  7. Renaud, “Baby-Sitting Blues” (1985) (elle prepare une these sur Kant/ elle m’la f’ra lire)
  8. Cream, “What a Bringdown” (1969) (Aristotle’s orchestra are living on a pill)
  9. Mr T Experience, “Institutionalized Misogyny” (2004) (Michelle, ma belle/ ton beau, Michel Foucault/ a Foucault dependent is always ready to go/ I think we’re alone/ I might have known/ she’s got Chomsky on the phone)
  10. Negrita, “Tonight” (2003) (se Beach o Beasties Boys/ se Marx o nevermind)


  1. 3 Lb. Thrill, “Born Again” (1995) (don’t look now, God falls through outer space/ curse the monkey for the human race/ thinks way back before Nietzsche and Darwin/ the old glory days)
  2. Matthew Good Band, “Load Me Up” (1999) (Murphy’s fighting Occam, you’re in the stands)
  3. The Clash, ”The Magnificent Seven” (1981) (Carlo Marx and Frederick Engels/ came to the checkout at the seven on eleven/ Marx was skint but he had sense/ Engels lent him the necessary pence)
  4. Good Riddance, “Great Leap Forward” (2001) (weaned on the doctrines of Lenin and Marx)
  5. Switchfoot, “Something More (Augustine’s Confession)” (1999)
  6. Will Powers, “All Thru History”(1983) (certain individuals have emerged from the crowd/ Socrates, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, The Beatles
  7. Adam Ant, “Anger Inc.” (1990) (poor Jack Kerouac riding with his paperback Camus)
  8. Styx, ”Fallen Angel” (1999) (I said nobody’s perfect/ from head to toe/ not Einstein or Elvis or Lenin or Marx/ or Marilyn Monroe)
  9. Randy, “Randy I Don’t Need You” (1998) (we’re not Peter K., Emma, Gandhi and Marx reincarnated as a punkrockband)
  10. Conor Oberst, “Cape Canaveral” (2008) (please, please, please, sister Socrates/ you always answer with a question)


  1. Eminem, “Shady Records Mob Squad” (2001) (disaster comes faster than you can react to it, just ask Marx)
  2. Dead Can Dance, “How Fortunate the Man With None” (1993) (you heard of honest Socrates/ the man who never lied)
  3. Jacques Brel, ”Les bourgeois” (1962) (Jojo se prenait pour Voltaire/ et Pierre pour Casanova)
  4. Ras Kass, “Nature of the Threat” (1996) (quoting German philosopher Schopenhauer/ […] influenced Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates)
  5. Suede, “Obsessions” (2002) (it’s the way you don’t read Camus or Brett Easton Ellis)
  6. A 3 (Alabama 3), “Bourgeoisie Blues” (1997) (Mr. I. V. Lenin, the Lenin of love/ gonna make us feel so fine)
  7. Jude Cole, “Falling Home” (2000) (and I’m Aristotle waiting by the phone/ count the years)
  8. King Crimson, “In the Wake of Poseidon” (1970) (Plato’s spawn cold ivied eyes/ snare truth in bone and globe)
  9. Vienna Teng, “Augustine” (2009)
  10. Dismemberment Plan, “The Love War” (1996) (the carriers of liberty’s lights/ Voltaire, Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Barry White)


  1. Chamillionaire, “Used to Love Rap”  (2005) (Ben Franklin)
  2. Flo-Rida, “Right Round” (2009) (my Benjamin Franklin)
  3. B. G., “Gangsta Shit” (1997) (from George Washington to Ben Franklin)
  4. UGK, “Still Ridin’ Dirty” (2007) (I don’t know what them think my motivation is/ Benjamin Franklin)
  5. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, “Clog Up Your Mind” (1997) (and Benjamin Franklin please come save me)
  6. Regina Spektor, “Chemo Limo” (2004) (I had a dream/ crispy, crispy/ Benjamin Franklin came over, baby)
  7. Lil’ Wayne, “Fly Out” (2005) (only history I know is Benjamin Franklin)
  8. Lil’ Wayne, “The Other Side” (2008) (kill kill murder/ and Benjamin Franklin)
  9. Lil’ Wayne, “Fo Sheezy” (2002) (got so many pictures of Ben Franklin)
  10. Lil’ Wayne, “Got Money” (2008) (I mess with dead people/ like Benjamin Franklin)


  1. John Lennon, “Serve Yourself” (1980) (well, you may believe in Jesus and you may believe in Marx/ and you may believe in Marks & Spencer’s)
  2. Housemartins, “I’ll Be Your Shelter” (1986) (if you’re living on the dole/ and there’s no sugar in your bowl/ all you need to do is give a little knock/ don’t despair, he’ll be there/ with his loving and his care/ Marx will work for us right around the clock)
  3. Crass, “Sucks” (1978) (do you really believe in Marx?/ Marx fucks/ do you really believe in Thatcher/ Maggie sucks)
  4. Legião Urbana, “Conexão Amazônica” (1987) (estou cansado de ouvir você falar/ em Freud, Jung, Engels e Marx/ intregas intelectuais/ rodando em mesa de bar)
  5. Die toten Hosen, “Viva la Revolution” (1998) (der alte Marx wär’ sicher stolz auf uns)
  6. Barnabas, “Suite for the Souls of Our Enemies I” (1984) (Stalin, Trotsky, Marx and Lenin/ scorned the blessed hope from heaven)
  7. W.A.S.P., “Unholy Terror” (2001) (I’m riding on some atomic bomb/ manifested Marx)
  8. Beautiful South, “Chicken Wings” (2000) (we could’ve courted Einstein/ we could’ve courted Marx)
  9. Mansun, “Being a Girl” (1998) (the only pureness left is preached by Marx)
  10. Sisters of Mercy, “Ribbons” (1990) (I tried to tell her about Marx and Engels/ God and angels, I don’t really know what for)


  1. Brenda Lee, “You’re in the Doghouse Now” (1990) (I heard it from Socrates/ “Sleep with dog/ wake up with fleas”)
  2. KRS-One, “Hip Hop V. Rap” (2003) (police be clocking me,/ but logically they got to be/ cause they were taught that serious poetry/ would come from Socrates)
  3. Baby Bash, “Image of Pimp” (2003) (Baby Bash the ghetto Socrates)
  4. Jimmy Buffett, “Cultural Infidel” (1996) (singing in the park/ Socrates, hypotheses, the music of Mozart)
  5. Godley & Cream, “Punchbag” (1978) (come and get it Socrates/ got to hit back)
  6. ApologetiX, “Corinthians” (2001) (if I have the faith and philosophy/ acting like I was smarter than Socrates)
  7. Sarah Slean, “When Another Midnight” (2004) (it’s Socrates weeping in a wheelchair)
  8. Harvey Danger, “The Ballad of the Tragic Hero (Pity and Fear)” (1998) (a little wisdom never hurt anyone/ tell that to Socrates)
  9. Kristin Chenoweth, “There Will Never Be Another” (2000) (and if I could even quote a guy like Socrates/ even then I couldn’t comprehend)
  10. Mötley Crüe, “The Sky” (1994) (Socrates inhaled it too)


  1. Lazyboy, “This Is the Truth” (2004) (someone said to Voltaire, “Life is hard”/ Voltaire replied, “Compared to what?”)
  2. Van Morrison, “I Forgot That Love Existed” (1987) (oh, oh, Socrates and Plato, they praised it to the skies)
  3. Cold Chisel, “Bal-A-Versailles” (1998) (too stoned to move/ them and Aristotle)
  4. Catch-22, “Bad Party” (2006) (the rudeness and disloyalty of which Lenin spoke)
  5. Liz Phair, “Jeremy Engle”(2003)  (skewering Lenin)
  6. Crass, “Deadhead” (1982) (Bakunin and bollocks and fun and farts)
  7. Clutch,”Burning Beard” (2005) (Occam’s razor makes the cutting clean)
  8. Information Society, “Can You Live as Fast as Me?” (1983) (Occam’s razor cuts so deep)
  9. Tragically Hip, “Pascal’s Submarine” (2003)
  10. Angela McCluskey, “Know It All” (2004) (oh God, you’re reading Albert Camus)


  1. Aceyalone, “Ms. Amerikkka” (2003) (this wasn’t taught by Socrates or Sigmund Freud/ this is simply God’s work)
  2. Angry Salad, “How Does It Feel to Kill?” (1999) (two years at Ohio state, he was a boy, he was not a man/ Karl Marx and Ho Chi Minh, politics he didn’t understand)
  3. Francesco Guccini, ”Nostra signora dell’ipocrisia” (1993) (chi sia Voltaire mi dite ?/ va be’, dopo ve lo spiego)
  4. Negativland, “Freedom’s Waiting” (1993) (the right words, said Lenin, are worth a hundred ligaments)
  5. Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, “Here’s to Life” (2001) (how did Camus really die that night?)
  6. Rick Ross, “Maybach Music”  (2008) (got a killer’s intuition/ holding on that Mack 11, Machiavelli premonition)
  7. Ministry, “Apathy” (2004) (go to Lenin or Marx, it doesn’t matter)
  8. Ocean Blue, “Cathedral Bells” (2005) (Socrates, this world of ideas has all faded/ Solomon, these pages of goldare all jaded)
  9. Church, “Welcome” (1996) (Camus and Tony Curtis and Donna Stone)
  10. Rammstein, “Moskau” (2004) (Moskau, raz, dva, tri/ Moskau, posmotri/ pionery tam idut, pesni Leninu poyut)


  1. R.E.M., “Harborcoat” (1984) (they crowded up to Lenin with their noses worn off)
  2. Beach Boys, “California Saga (The Beaks of Eagles)” (1973) (and Lenin has lived and Jehovah died)
  3. Yup, “Tämä oli huono päivä” (1998) (leijui Lenin puhui)
  4. Boomtown Rats, “Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee)” (1994) (and Lenin said “There is no heaven/ so I can’t believe in room 19”)
  5. EMF, “La plage” (1995) (on the surf ‘cos Lenin’s dead)
  6. Blitz, “Moscow” (1982) (Lenin was a lover and the dogs eat each other)
  7. Tom Paxton, “Daily News” (1964) (yelling for Lenin and civil rights)
  8. Golden Earring, “Planet Blue” (1994) (no one loved as much as me/ Lenin, Stalin, Marx and your KGB)
  9. Die toten Hosen, “Disco in Moskau” (1986) (das Ende ist nah/ für Lenin und Marx)
  10. Nazareth, “Party in the Kremlin” (1998) (people seeing red/ Lenin got the elbow)


  1. Ray-J, “Keep Sweatin’” (2005) (tossed her up like Machiavelli/ and yeah, she was on me heavy)
  2. Digable Planets, “Graffiti” (1994) (checking out some Fromm, some Sartre, Camus)
  3. Killah Priest, “Atoms to Adam”  (1998) (philophosies and Greek mythologies/ going through the gloss-arys of Socrates with Pharisees and Sagulties)
  4. Gadjits, “Beautiful Girl” (1997) (she could discuss philosophy/ or Russian literature/ […] she’s using those number systems/ from reading Blaise Pascal)
  5. Babylon Whores, ”Omega Therion” (1998) (bore no trace of St. Augustine/ and you studied Plotinos […] Nietzsche, Vril und Gotterdammerung)
  6. Object, “Foucault a Go Go” (2007)
  7. Bad Religion, “Get Off” (1990) (searching like a Diogenes)
  8. Spin Doctors, “Scotch and Water Blues” (2005) (Machiavelli on the door)
  9. Al Stewart, “A Man for All Seasons” (1978) (while Thomas More waits in the Tower of London)
  10. Witherspoon, “Poolside Schlegel” (2005) (he once tried deciphering modernity’s essence/ but that got old real fast so he switched to adolescence)

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